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    Toner Box Grade Scale

    Click Each Letter Below To Discover Your Box Grade

    Undamaged boxes with no writing. Boxes can have tape and labels that can be easily removed. Minor imperfections. Minor tears, smaller than 3cm x 3cm.

    Minor cosmetic imperfections; have holes, many labels, tape, small dents. Minor writing on the box.

    Major cosmetic imperfections; have holes, many labels, excess writing, torn skin. Box is stained, or has minor water damage. The product is factory sealed.

    We ONLY buy HP Black Boxes

    We ONLY buy New style Canon boxes (solid red on the side)

    We ONLY buy new Lexmark boxes: Black box in A and B condition

    We do NOT buy Xerox “Metered” cartridges

    We do NOT buy remanufactured cartridges

    We do NOT accept any boxes with water damage